Wednesday, January 1, 2014

it's the start of something new.

"I never believed in what I couldn't see. I never opened my heart to all the possibilities."
Now these may be the lyrics to a song in one of those super realistic high school musicals all about true love, but it can also be great advice. Believe in what you can't see and keep your heart open. Sounds like a legit New Year's resolution to me.
Twenty-fourteen is upon us and we need to embrace it, not fear it. It can be hard to drop everything and start a-new, but sometimes that's what we need to do. For example, one of my resolutions is to work hard on my blog and give it a new look. Unfortunately, I can't concentrate on it while all my previous posts now felt dull and uninspired. The solution? Create a new blog.
Although you have to keep in mind that some things are worth saving. Friendships, wisdom, family ties, etc. The list goes on and on. But if you get the opportunity to change something that doesn't feel right to you, take it. I promise you you won't regret it. Let's have a great 2014.

-Now on to where I'm writing this. Style and the Seine. This is my new blog where I will keep you up to date on new trends and my life. I felt as though my old blog was holding me back when what I needed was a push forward. If you have followed me here from Lights. Camera. Fashion. thank you for sticking with me. If you are new, then thank you for giving me a chance. I will try not to disappoint, just keep in mind, the main reason I am writing this is for me. Of course I want you to like it! I just need to be me and if people are reading or watching me be, well, I'll say it again. I will try not to disappoint.

Avec Amour, Hannah


  1. Nice new blog! I just made mine too, maybe care to check it out?
    Btw I'm a subbie on ur youtube channel and I love ur bubbly personality!

    1. Of course I will check it out! I'm glad you like my YouTube channel and thanks for checking out this blog!